Window cleaner

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Window cleaner

Alklanet, the best ready-to-use glass and interior cleaner
For safe and quick cleaning of all washable interiors such as glass, mirrors, wood, plastic, stone, metal,... you can use the ready-to-use alklanet cleaner.
With alklanet you can dry surfaces streak-free and shiny, because the product alklanet contains specific substances that ensure a safe and quick cleaning.
Thanks to the spray gun, alklanet window cleaner with gun is very economical in use
To use alklanet, you only have to spray the surface and wipe it off with a cloth. If you prefer to clean with a cloth, this is also possible. Spray some alklanet cleaner on the cloth and you are ready to work.
Alklanet is supplied in spray bottles of 1 litre and has a pH value of 7.

Save time with the right cleaning product
Everything in the house needs to be cleaned. Windows, floors, carpets, sanitary facilitied, the kitchen, mirrors,... You can clean everything with one and the same product, but then the chance of streaks on the windows is great. In order to keep your beautiful floor, beautiful windows, beautiful sanitary fittings,... as beautiful as possible, it is advisable to clean the windows with the same product. It is recommended to use a specific product for each material. In our wide range, you can find a cleaning product for just about everything in your home.

Wide range online and in our shop
Stesha Wellness was originally founded as an online shop. Due to the positive growth of the company, we decided to add a shop to our range so that the client can come and shop in Houthulst.
If you do not have much time to come and shop, but you do want to collect the products yourself, that is no problem! You can order a product through the webshop and pay for it already. We will make it ready for you and send you a confirmation mail when the desired items are ready for you.