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Get the dosage right
The use of dispensers prevents excess in public toilets. The dispensers provide a small but sufficient dosage, this creating a controlled dosage for various applications. Dispensers are always easy to attach and simple to refill. With the use of dispensers your toilets will stay clean and hygienic for longer. 


Tissues often come in handy!
Suffering from a cold or wiping away your tears? Use a tissue that takes care of the skin and ensures good hygiene. A tissue feels very soft to the skin and after you've used, you can easily throw it away in the bin. By means of the opening in the tissue box, it's easy to take out just 1 tissue from it. With the tissue boxes, you can also buy a matching dispenser to hide your box nicely behind. 


Hand hygiene after visiting the toilet
Hand hygiene after visiting the toilet is very important. Washing with soap and rinsing is a must, but also drying the hands is important. For this purpose, we offer disposable hand towels, which can easily be used in a dispenser.  


Let the woman's monthly period pass unnoticed!
Toilet paper, you always need it and never too much. Large packs, small packs, various types, we think about your good personal hygiene. Besides toilet paper to throw directly into the toilet, there are also some items that should not be thrown directly into the toilet. For this purpose, we offer sanitary napkin bags and sanitary napkin bag holders.