Door-mat and carpets

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Door-mat and carpets

Avoid dirty feet in the house
Imagine you have just cleaned the house and someone walks in. It doesn't have to be raining outside or dirty, on a freshly cleaned floor you will always see this. To avoid dirty feet on the floor, you can easily lay a floor mat or carpet. Wipe your feet first and then come inside. It doesn't mean much, but it saves a lot of annoyance and frustration.

Find the perfect floor mat or carpet at Stesha Wellness
All our mats are made of rubber so they provide safety through their anti-slip properties. Floor mats protect your floor against dirty footsteps, keeping your floor clean and tidy. The rubber mats are also machine washable, so you can clean your carpets regularly. The rubber mats of Felgon and Coral absorb a lot of moisture.

Order online at a low price or visit our shop
In our wide range, you will also find all kinds of handles. Thanks to our years of experience in the online sector, we can ensure that the floor mats or carpets are delivered to your home. Besides our online service, you can also be helped as a customer in our shop in Houthulst. There you can 'really' see our wide range and come and shop at your own pace.