Dust pan and hand brushes

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Dust pan and hand brushes

Choose a dustpan and hand brush that feels good in your hand
In our range, you will find all kinds of dustbins, both plastic and metal. Some dustbins have a wooden handle. We can also offer hand brushes, dustpan and brush. In short, a wide choice of dustbins te sweep up small dirt both indoors and outdoors. 

Stesha Wellness, offering wellness in the broadest sense of the word
The word wellness often conjures up thoughts of saunas, swimming pools, bubble baths, etc., but you don't have to look that far. Wellness also means making things as easy and comfortable as possible for yourself. That is why we also offer articles that optimise the hygiene around you. You can find our wide range online on our webshop or in our shop in Houthulst, the choice is yours!