Window wiper

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Window wiper

Window wiper
To clean your windows, you can use a wiper and a washer. First, wash our windows well with a soaking device and then clean it nicely with the inox pulex professional wiper. 

Make cleaning a pleasure
A good floor squeegee makes cleaning your home a pleasure. With us there is a wide choice of different sizes and models. So you also have the possibility to choose the Vikan floor squeegee with swivel head. 
Our professional Vikan floor squeegees are ergonomic and extremely hygienic due to their plastic and flexible neck. Because of the water-retaining edge, it's possible to use it from both sides. It's also possible to obtain a matching handle for the floor squeegees. 

Online, safe and reliable
Through our years of experience in the online sector, we can guarantee our customer the best possible online service. 
The products are packed with care and sent to the desired address. 
In addition to an online delivery, it's also possible to come and shop at our pick-up point in Houthulst. In our pick-up point, you can choose the desired product easily and take it home immediately after the purchase.