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Get good protection for your hands
First of all, think about how much you use your hands in a day, and what you do with them. For good hygiene and protection of your hands, gloves are the best you can find. Powdered or powder-free gloves. 
Do you have a latex allergy? We have also thought of that. We have gloves in latex as well as in vinyl.
Even when there are extra dirty jobs to be done, you can find good gloves here with us.
The Solves gloves are sturdy, washable and because of their size, the entire forearm fits in the glove.

Choose extra protection with overshoes.
Do you spend time in areas where dirt and bacteria are undesirable? Choose our blue overshoes. The overshoes are ideal to use them to protect your shoes from dirt? For example: when painting, when cleaning very dirty areas,… That is also possible
Because the overshoes have an elastic band, they are suitable for every shoe size.

Want to buy powder-free or powdered gloves?
The powder on the gloves comes from cornstarch. Thanks to the powder, sweaty hands are less likely to occur, as the powder provides absorption and makes the gloves easy to put on. In general, it can be said that gloves with powder are better and more pleasant to the touch. Just think of the food industry, because powder can cause cross-contamination in such cases.

Order quick and easy
Order your gloves quickly and easily online at our webshop and receive them a few days later at home or at another address of your choice. Do you prefer to come ‘real’ shopping ? That’s possible in our shop in Houthulst. You can also order and pay at our webshop and choose the option of picking up your order in the shop. We will then prepare the items for you and send you a confirmation e-mail as soon as your order is ready for collection in our shop.