Hand- and glasscloth

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Hand- and glasscloth

Take care of your glasses
A meal is a wonderful moment to spend with family and friends. At the table, stories of the day are told. Beautiful glasses on a beautifully laid table are then a strong asset. Avoid washing glasses in the dishwasher, as they are the clearest and smoothest by hand. This also prevents limescale from forming a result of dishwashing. To make your glasses shine beautifully after you have washed them with warm water and some Dreft. For this, we have extremely suitable glass cloths.

You will find high-quality hand and glass cloths here!
Our range of glazing cloths are all made of non-woven fabrics so that the water is absorbed as much as possible. Glass towels can be rinsed out and dried quickly, so they are indispensable for perfect dishwashing. We also have our kitchen towels also absorb extra water so that you can quickly dry your dishes.

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