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Tissues often come in handy!
Suffering from a cold or wiping away your tears? Use a tissue that takes care of the skin and ensures good hygiene. A tissue feels very soft to the skin and after you've used one, you can easily throw it away in the bin. By means of the opening in the tissue box, it's easy to take out just 1 tissue from the tissue box. With the tissue boxes, you can also buy a matching dispenser to hide your box nicely behind.


Make sure there are no inconveniences on the way
Paper handkerchiefs often com in handy. It's especially handy if you have them with you in small packets, as they can always come in handy. The Kleenex handkerchief packs can be sealed very tightly and feel wonderfully soft on the nose. 


Stesha Wellness, offering wellness in the broadest sense of the word
The word 'wellness' often conjures up thoughts of saunas, swimming pools, bubble baths, etc.. but you don't have to look that far. Wellness also means making things as easy, comfortable and pleasant as possible for yourself. That's why we also offer articles that optimise the hygiene around you, such as air fresheners with a delicious aroma. You can find our wide range online in our webshop or in our shop in Houthulst, the choice is yours!