Aluminium stem

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Aluminium stem

Lightweight aluminium steel
The aluminium handle is easy to connect to a brush or floor wiper with a click system. This light handle is ideal for working ergonomically.

Ensure an ergonomic posture while brushing
Brushing is not always seen as pleasant, but then you can at least make it pleasant for your body. When sweeping, scraping, mopping, swiffer,... make sure that the handle is long enough, the handle should definitely be at shoulder height. Make sure you always have a straight back and bend through the front knee while keeping the back leg extended.

Order online at a low price or visit our store
In our wide range you will also find all kinds of handles. Through our years of experience in the online sector, we can ensure that the stems are delivered to your home. Besides our online service, you can also be helped as a customer in our store in Houthulst. There you can 'really' see our wide range and store at your own pace.