Fiberglass stem

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Fiberglass stem

Handle for chlorine-containing and acidic products
The hard fiberglass handles are ideal for use in cleaning with chlorinated and acidic products. 

Vikan hygiene handle
The hygienic plastic Vikan handle with screw thread is ideal to connect to the Vikan floor wiper. Because of the ultra-hygienic properties, the risk of contamination in the handle through the edges or holes is minimized. There is a choice of different lengths, choose the squeegee handle according to your own height. 

Ensure an ergonomic posture during brushing
Brushing is not always seen as pleasant, but you can at least make it pleasant for your body. When sweeping, squeegeeing, mopping, swiffer,... make sure the handle is long enough, the handle should definitely be at shoulder height. 
Make sure you always have a straight back and bend through the front knee while keeping the back leg extended.