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Hand soap

Wash your hands after visiting the toilet
Cleaning your hands is very important. Throughout the day, you come into contact with bacteria and viruses. Through your hands, they can then end up on the food and cause a contamination. Think about what you have already touched with your hands. Washing your hands is therefore very important, and after going to the  toilet is even more important!
Washing your hands with only water is not enough, you should also use hand soap! We offer different hand soaps to clean your hands in the best possible way after visiting the toilet.

How to wash your hands properly after using the toilet?
1. Wet your hands under running water
2. Apply hand soap to your hands
3. Rub well and long enough so that your hands are sufficiently washed. Rub the whole hand, the palms , between the fingers of the left hand, between the fingers of the right hand, on the inside of the hands with the fingertips and between the thumb and index finger
4. Rinse your hands weel
5. Dry your hands with a disposable paper towel.

Dry your hands on a disposable paper towel
Afer thoroughly washing your hands, you should if cours dry them. You can do this with a towel, but a towel that everyone before you has already used is certainly not hygienic. Instead of an ordinary cloth towel, you can also use disposable paper towels.
The disposable paper towels can easily be inserted into the towel device and this way the towels are neatly stored fort he guests.

Take care of the smallest room!
In the smallest room in the house, you want tob e at ease. Unfortunately, there are a lot os situation that can happen that make you feel uncomfortable.

-Hello, we’ve run out of tolet paper…
-Bach, it doen’t smell very fresh in here fort he next person who comes after me…
-Oops i can’t rmove my skid mark…
-Yikes, a drop on my hand, can I wash my hands?
We have a solution for all these inconveniences, and you can stock up on supplies so that you dont have to deal with any of them!