Sanitary cleaner

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Sanitary cleaner

Clean your sanitary facilities with a good sanitary cleaner
For a good sanitary cleaner, you need to come to Stesha Wellness. Because our partner company ‘BVBA Prinzie Stefaan’ is active in the sanitary sector, we know better than anyone what is best for cleaning your sanitary facilities. The sanitary cleaners enable you to disinfect, very well and to work effectively against clogging and unsavoury smells.
The Euro sanitary cleaner is a top product to help you keep your toilet, bath and shower area clean on a daily basis. It helps prevent limescale deposits and provides a long lasting  fresh scent.
With Eres javel solid disinfectant effervescent tablets you can kill the bacteria that cause bad smells in your bathroom or toilet.
Do you have a blockage in the pipes of your plumbing? We can help. Use the unblocker from WC net or ZMK . Beware: these are dangerous and corrosive products. 
Therefore, always follow the instructions for use on the label of the bottle

Wide range online and in our shop
Stesha Wellness was originally founded as an online shop. Due to the positive growth of the company, we decided to add a shop to it,, so that clients can come and do their ‘real’ Shopping.
If you do not have much time to come and shop, but would you still like to collect the product and pay for it already, we will make it ready for you and send you a confirmation email when the desired items are ready for you.