Toilet brush

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Toilet brush

get rid of the skid marks!
Important in toilet hygiene is a toilet brush. In our shop you will find toilet brushes with rim brush to toilet brushes with garnish. With a toilet brush, you can easily remove skid marks and clean the toilet. 

Discretion for the time of the month
With a holder for sanitary napkins and sanitary napkin bags, you as a women can very discreetly change sanitary napkins and leave the toilet clean for the next person who comes after you.


Unblock quickly and efficiently
To unclog quickly, you can use a plunger. To use the plunger properly, you must first rinse it under hot water. This will soften the rubber and make the plunger seal better. The plunger should be completely air sealable, if air can still get into the plunger, you can wrap the end with a cloth. Push the plunger into the toilet water and press it slowly and firmly into the toilet neck. Make sure the plunger is well submerged, you can add water if necessary. When the plunger is well pressed, pull quickly on the plunger to get a good suction. Be careful not to push too hard, this would make the clog worse. Pull the plunger out of the toilet neck and remove the clog. Repeat this operation until the clog is completely gone. 

Take care of the smallest room!
In the smallest room in the house you like to be at ease. Unfortunately, there are a lot of situations that can arise that can make you feel uncomfortable.
- Helloo! We're out of toilet paper...
- Bach, it doesn't smell so fresh in here for the next person who comes after me...
- Oops, i can't remove my skid mark..
- A drop on my hand, can I wash my hands? 

For all these inconveniences, we have provided a solution and you can stock up with us so that you don't have to face any unpleasant inconveniences!