Toilet brush

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Toilet brush

Always a clean toilet
A toilet brush is important for the hygiene of the toilet. In our assortment we have different toilet brushes. THere are the regular, simple toilet brushes as we have known them for years. We also have toilet burshes with an extra rim brush, so you can be sure that every corner of the toilet will be clean.
The brushes with a brush edge are available with or without a holder, so store the brush in.

Discretion for the time of the month
With a holder for sanitary napkins and sanitary napkin bags, women can change their sanitary napkins very discretely and leave the toilet clean for the next person who comes to the toilet after them.

Unblock quickly and efficiently
To unblock quickly, you can use a plunger. To use the plunger properly, you first have to rinse it under hot water. THis will soften the rubber and make the plunger seal better.
The plunger should be fully airtight, if there is still air in the plunger you can wrap the end with a cloth. Push the plunger into the toilet water and press it slowly and frimly into the toilet neck.
Make sure the plunger is well submerged, you dan add water if necessary. Once the plunger is firmly in place, quickly pull on the plunger to obtain good suction. Be careful not to push too hard as this could make the blockage worse. Pull the plunger out of the bowl and remove the blockage. Repeat this operation until the blockage is completely removed.

Take care of the smallest room!
You like to be comfortable in the smallest room of the house. Unfortunately, there are many situations that can arise that make you feel uncomfortable.
- Halloo! We're out of toilet paper...
- Bach, it doesn't smell very fresh in here for the next person who comes after me...
- Oops, I can't remove my skid mark...
- Ekkes, a drop on my hand, can I wash my hands?
We have provided a solution for all these inconveniences and you can stock up on them with us so that you will nog have to face any unpleasant surprises!

Order suick and easy
At Stesha Wellness, you can quickly and easily order the product you want online from our webshop.
They will then be delivered to your home or another address of your choice a few days later.
Would you rather go on a 'real' shopping? That is possible in our shop in Houthulst.
Not much time for shopping? That's no problem either, You can order your products and pay for them in our webshop. We will then get them ready for you. You will receive a confirmation e-mail when you can come and collect the products in the shop.