Toilet paper

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Toilet paper

Toilet paper always comes in handy!
Toilet paper, you always need it and never too much. Large packs, small packs, various types, we think about your good personal hygiene. 
Besides toilet paper to throw directly into the toilet, there are also some items that should not be thrown directly into the toilet. For this, we offer the sanitary napkin bags and also holder for sanitary napkin bags. 


Hand hygiene after visiting the toilet
Hand hygiene after visiting the toilet is very important. Washing with soap and rinsing is a must, but also drying the hands is important. For this purpose we offer disposable hand towels, which can easily be used in a dispenser. 


Take care of the smallest room!
In the smallest room in the house you like to be at ease. Unfortunately, there are a lot of situations that can arise that can make you feel uncomfortable.
- Helloo! We're out of toilet paper...
- Bach, it doesn't smell so fresh in here for the next person who comes after me...
- Oops, i can't remove my skid mark..
- A drop on my hand, can I wash my hands? 

For all these inconveniences, we have provided a solution and you can stock up with us so that you don't have to face any unpleasant inconveniences!