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WC gel

Avoid unpleasant odours in the toilet
To avoid unpleasant odours in the toilet as much as possible, it is advisable to install a toilet block in the toilet. We offer different fragrances to make the moment in the smallest room as comfortable as possible ! The toilet blocks are very easy to install and are not in the way when you are on the toilet.

Keep the smallest room clean !
To keep the toilet clean and clear, it is advisable to regularly add a toilet gel to your toilet. We offer different kinds of toilet gels to pamper your toilet. Spray the toilet gel in a flowing movement under the edge of the toilet bowl rim and let the toilet gel.

Take care of the smallest room
In the smallest room in the house you like to be at ease. Unfortunately, there are many situations that can arise that make you feel uncomfortable.
- Hello! We have run out of toilet paper…
- Bach, it doesn’t smell very fresh in here fort he next person who comes after me…
- Oops, I can’t remove my skid mark…
- Yikes, a drop on my hand, can I wash my hands?
We have a solution for all these inconveniences and you can stock up on supplies so that you don’t have to deal with any of them!

Stesha Wellness, offering wellness in the broadest sense of the word
With the word wellness, people often think of saunas, swimming pools, bubble baths,… but you don’t have to look that far. Wellness also means making things as easy, comfortable and pleasant as possible for oneself. That is why we also offer articles that optimise the hygiene around you, such as air fresheners with a delicious aroma. You can find our wide range online in our webshop or in our shop in Houthulst, the choice is yours!