Various maintenance products

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Various maintenance products

Tissues often come in handy!
Suffer from a cold or wiping away your tears? Use a tissue that takes care of the skin and ensures good hygiene. A tissue feels very soft to the skin and after you've used one, you can easily throw it away in the bin. By means of the opening in the box, it's easy to take out just 1 tissue from the tissue box. With the tissue boxes, you can also buy a matching dispenser to hide your box nicele behind. 


Choose for extra floor protection with overshoes
Do you spend time in rooms where dirt and bacteria are undesirable? Choose our blue shoe covers. The overshoes are ideal to use in the operation room, the food industrie, wellness area,... Because the shoe covers have an elastic band, they are suitable for every shoe size. 


Add a delicious fragrance to the tanning area
Taking time out for a tanning session is a must for anyone who likes to be well prepared for the sun. Going under the sunbed is relaxing. No work, no children,... just time for yourself. To take the relaxation to a higher level, you can use essential oils and an aroma vaporiser. By using the aroma vaporiser to vaporise the essential oils in the tanning room, a deliciously relaxing fragrance is created. There is a wide choice of different scents for the essential oils. 


Salt is indispensable in your descaler or water softener
You use a descaler to obtain a longer life span of appliances and to have a wonderfully soft wash. So the descaler benefits you and the environment, but we also have to take care of it. To make the descaler work optimally, you need to add salt tablets to your descaler. 


Storing your toys have never been easier
Toys for young and old are great fun, but nobody likes toys lying around. That's why the toy storage bag is now available. In the Intex toy storage bag you can easily store all your toys, including pool toys that are still wet. The storage bag can be easily attached to the wall of the pool, for example. 


Stesha Wellness, offering wellness in the broadest sense of the word
The word wellness often conjures up thoughts of saunas, swimming pools, bubble baths,... but you don't have to look that far. Wellness also means making things as easy, comfortable and pleasant as possible for yourself. That's why we also offer articles that optimise the hygiene around you, such as air fresheners with a delicious aroma. You can find our wide range online in our webshop or in our shop in Houthulst, the choice is yours!