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Washing powder or liquid detergent?
In the end, you still choose what you prefer to use, but where exactly is the difference between liquid detergent or washing powder? Liquid detergent can be used on all clothes and is very easy to use !
Washing powder is ideal for white laundry, cooking loads and very dirty laundry.
Washing powder goes deeper in cleaning, but is a bit more cumbersome in use.

Different brands available
If you choose liquid detergent, you can find detergent of different brands at Stesha Wellness. We have the brands Ariel, Dreft, Dash, Dixan, Magic, Persil, Omino bianco, Coral and Woolite at very favourable prices and sometimes in large quantities.

All washing products can be found here
At Stesha Wellness, you will not only find liquid detergent. All the other products you need for sparkling clean laundry can also be found here. Just think of washing powder, softener, stain remover, ironing water, clothes pegs and products for pre-washing. We have it all in our range.

No more lugging heavy laundry products around
Besides the daily household tasks, someone also has to go to the shop. That shopping also takes a lot of time and dragging. Especially with laundry products, there is a lot of dragging involved. Stop wasting your time and back on those heavy laundry products, and order your laundry products online at Stesha Wellness and have them delivered to your home or another address of your choice. Would you rather come and get your laundry products yourself so that you can smell them again? You can do so in our shop in Houthulst.
Would you like to come tot he shop? But you don’t have time to get your products from the shelves yourself ? Then you can order and pay online and choose the option of collecting from the shop. We will then pick the products from the shelves. As soon as your order is ready, we will send you a confirmation e-mail and you can come and collect it.