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Get rid of those dirty clothes!
Suppose your son or daughter comes home from the youth movement completely covered in mud. The clothes have to go outside and directly into the washing machine, but will they be clean again after one wash? For very dirty laundry, we recommend a pre-wash. by doing a pre-wash with the clothes, you remove most of the dirt from the clothes and the laundry will be clean again easily during the main wash.
You can also find products for prewash here in our assortment.

Find all laundry products here!
During the 'wash and pee' you need a lot of laundry products. Just think of laundry detergents, washing powder, fabric softener, stain remover, ironing water, clothespins and products for pre-washing. You can find them all online or in our store in Houthulst. 

No more lugging heavy laundry products around
In addition to the daily household tasks, someone also has to go to the store. That shopping also takes up a lot of time and effort. Especially with laundry products, there can be some dragging. Stop wasting your time and back on those heavy laundry products, instead order your laundry products online from Stesha Wellness and have the laundry products easily delivered to your home or any other desired address.