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Choose for a wonderfully soft laundry!
In life, choose the little things that make you happy and enjoy silky-soft clothes, soft towels, ... With a good fabric softener, you can have a silky-soft laundry! Besides making the laundry feel very soft, fabric softener also creates a special protective layer on the fibres. This helps the laundry retain its quality because there is less frictions between the fibers due to the fabric softener's protective layer. Choose your favourite scent, add the fabric softener to your laundry and enjoy the wonderful, soft wash. 

Take care of your laundry products
Laundry is a regular task in the household. Every week (if there is enough laundry) laundry is done. Simply sort the laundry by color and material, set up the washing machine, set the right product and wash!
The washing machine does its work together with the laundry product, all you have to do is sort the laundry, put it in and take it out again. So take good care of the materials that do a good job for you. 
The products you use for washing are best placed in a dry and frost-free place. The products should also not get too hot or too cold. If you give your products a good place, they will provide a good wash!

Find all laundry products here!
During the 'wash and pee' you need a lot of laundry products. Just think of laundry detergents, washing powder, fabric softener, stain remover, ironing water, clothespins and products for pre-washing. You can find them all online or in our store in Houthulst. 

No more lugging heavy laundry products around
In addition to the daily household tasks, someone also has to go to the store. That shopping also takes up a lot of time and effort. Especially with laundry products, there can be some dragging. Stop wasting your time and back on those heavy laundry products, instead order your laundry products online from Stesha Wellness and have the laundry products easily delivered to your home or any other desired address.