Inflatable animal seat

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Inflatable animal seat

Let your little wonder be the king of the pool
By letting your child sit on the inflatable seat, he/she sits higher than the rest and it feels great! The beautiful inflatable animals from Intex add extra colour to your pool and make it even more attractive to play in. With the inflatable animal seats, your little one will love to invite friends over. Ideal for use at summer parties, birthday parties and pool parties! 

Romp around with your favourite animal or vehicle in the water
Jump on the inflatable crocodile and oy, splash back into the water. Sit together with your brother or sister on the beautiful red lobster and chase all the other animals. Race to the other side of the pool on the jet ski and see who wins.... You or your sister? 
Show off the prettiest red Cars car in the pool while you sit on top of it. Pick your victim, fly a little closer and bam, splash him or her. Or have you ever wanted to tame a great white shark? Sit on top of the wite shark and be the king of the sea! 

Float in the water together
Your child meets friends while travelling and wants to cool off in the pool with them. No problem, in our wide range of inflatable seats you will find a caterpillar, a lobster and a crocodile. In the rowboats section, you will also find various boats and rafts on which children can float together and play in the pool, river or sea.