Inflatable pump

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Inflatable pump

Types of air pumps
Our range contains many articles that need to be inflated, think of: inflatable swimming pools, air mattresses, toys,... 
When you want to inflate these articles with your mouth, it could be that this will take a lot of time. That's why we also have a wide range of air pumps in our assortment. By using an air pump it will be much faster to infalte and it will be a lot easier. In our range of air pumps there is something for everyone. Do you prefer a foot pump or a hand pump or rather a compact electric pump, no problem. The pumps are also easy to take along on holiday, they don't take up much room.

Cheap and solid air pumps you will find at Stesha Wellness
Because we work very closely with Intex, we can sell the best quality air pumps at a very favourable, low price. Intex is known for its best quality vinyl and their products are made according to the latest quality standards and techniques. Therefore you can be sure that you buy a product with a very good price/quality ratio