Careline Ethereal herbs oil

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Careline Ethereal herbs oil

Relax with a lovely fragrance in the infrared
Experience the special power of essential oils. A few drops of essential oils make a world of difference to relaxation. Careline is a very well-known brand within the wellness sector. Anyone who starts using Careline products will rarely change to another brand. The essential oils are suitable for use in wellness, in sauna and infrared cabins, and for private use in the living room, for example.

Fast and easy online
If you want to order the essential oils online, you can do this easily in our online shop. At the moment, you are only a few steps away from having the essential oil delivered to your home. If you prefer to go shopping, you can also do this in our shop in Houthulst. In our collection point, you can stroll through our wide range of wellness articles and sniff up the delicious scent of the essential oils.