Finnsa Ethereal herbsoil

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Finnsa Ethereal herbsoil

Relax with a lovely fragrance in the infrared
Experience the special power of essential herbal oils. A few drops of essential oils make a world of difference to relaxation. You can have the fragrance of the essential oil diffused in your infra-red cabin, sauna or living room. The Finnsa herbal oils are very economical in use. 2-5 ml on 1 litre of water is sufficient. These oils are made from natural ingredients and will evaporate completely. Each scent has its own effect on the body.
Lavender- Melissa is a clear, fresh, natural fragrance that opens the senses and spreads peace and relaxation, while Lemon - Orange is a refreshing, cool fragrance that is stimulating.
The essential herbal oils are available in 100 ml bottles and 1 litre bottles. The smaller bottles are handy when you want to test a new fragrance or if you like too alternate between different scents.

Quick and easy online
If you want to order the essential oils online, you can do this easily in our online shop. At the moment, you are only a few steps away from having your essential oil delivered to your home.
If you prefer to go shopping, you can do so in our shop in Houthulst.In our collection point, you can stroll through our wide range of wellness articles and sniff up the delicious scent of the essential oils.