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Pamper your loved one
Massage oil or massage cream can be the perfect way to spoil your partner. Who doesn't like a massage? By using massage oil, it's very easy to massage on the skin. With the massage oils, you can choose from various scents that are already ready to use, or you can opt for a base oil and extra scents for additions. If you choose the formula with the base oil, you can easily change the scent. 

Pamper yourself 
You don't always have to be a couple to spoil yourself physically. Allow yourself some me-time too! 
You can easily do this with a neck warm-up pillow or an anti-cellulite massage soap. Neck warmers are wonderful! Choose a pillow of your choice. There are various scentes and materials to choose from. Warm the cushion, place it in your neck and enjoy! 
The anti-cellulite masage soap is made of olive oil and is therefore very good for a sensitive and dry skin. Dalan d'Olive oil soaps are known for their good skin moisturising properties. You can also find our complete range of Dalan d'Olive online or at our collection point in Houthulst. 

Ensure a comfortable position
During a massage, it's the intentention that you are completely relaxed and let yourself be pampered. It's therefore important that you let your head and neck relax. This is perfectly possible with a Halu headrest. The pillow adapts itself to the shape of your head. This way, your head and neck can relax properly. For extra hygiene, you can also use a Halu textile cover. Place the textile cover over the pillow and wash it if necessary.