Bathing salt

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Bathing salt

Why use bath salts?
Bath salts have a very beneficial, relaxing efect on the body and mind. .
Bath salts are a good external muscle relaxant, especially if you suffer from tense muscles.
Bath salts hydrate the skin and maintain the moisture balance in the skin.
Bath salts also help to purify the skin, as bath salts have an antiseptic effect and stimulate circulation.

Magnesium bath salts
Magnesium is next to oxygen and water in the top three of the most beautiful necessities of life.

  • Magnesium promotes bone growth, high blood pressure, migraine and headaches, fatigue complaints and muscle relaxation.
  • Through a foot bath or a total bath, magnesium salt is absorbed through the skin.
  • You can never take in too much magnesium through the skin. The surplus of magnesium in the bath is absorbed by the skin. The surplus magnesium in the bath is eliminated by the body.


Alkaline bath salts
Alkalline bath salts help to remove acidic waste from the body. Waste acids are transported through our body via the intestines, the lungs, the kidney and via our skin. The skin is our largest organ through which waste is removed.