Dalan d'Olive series

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Dalan d'Olive series

Dalan d'Olive
Dalan d'Olive considers hygiene, beauty and health as the basic elements for a good life. By acquiring their products 100% from natural materials (olive stones), they can produce 100% pure olive soap. Dalan d'olive is the largest Turkish producer of 100% traditional pure olive soap. The product is now also finding its way to European countries. So we can also enjoy this nurturing product. 

Wide range of choice to pamper yourself
Dalan products are in great demand. That's why we have expanded our range of Dalan d'Olive products to give our customers more choice and the right shampoo for every type of hair. 
Dalan d'Olive products range from shampoo to conditioner and from shower gel to body cream. You can find Dalan's products online or see them in our shop and choose the best olive oil products for hair and body on the spot.