Intex pools

Intex pools

Intex Recreation Corporation is known for its high-quality recreational products such as above-ground pools, air mattresses and inflatable hot tub spas. Having been in the industry for over 40 years, its reputation is unquestionably remarkable. The goal of this company is to give customers superior quality products that are comfortable, fun, affordable and safe. With the vision of being the most reliable in its industry, Intex products undergo routine checks before being introduced to the market to meet its high standards of safety and class.

Intex is well known for their above ground pools. They have different kinds of pools.
The easy set pools with their inflatable ring. These are the pools that are quickest and easiest to set up. You lay the pool open on the place where you want to put it. You inflate the ring at the top and once it's solid, you can fill the pool. The pool stands up completely when it is full.
They also have small frame and metal frame pools. These pools have a solid frame with a liner. The name of these pools says it all. The small frame pools don't have very large dimensions. These pools are also finished with child friendly rounded corners.
The larger above ground pools are the prism frame pools, the greywood prism frame pools and the Ultra XTR frame pools. These pools all consist of a sturdy frame with a very solid liner.

Children's pools
In addition to the regular Intex above ground  pools, the Intex range also includes many baby pools and children's pools. The pools are designed to meet the needs of babies. This means that they arer small in size and low in height, so they can hold just enough water to refresh themselves and make a splash. Intex has also thought of providing a sunshade for the smallest of babies on some of the pools. In case you have a very sunny garden, you can also create some shade.
In the case of children's pools, we are have an extensive range. This ranges from the normal standard children's pools. To a pool with a sunshade. Or a theme-oriented play centre pool. The play centres ensure that children can spend a whole afternoon in the pool. Most of them are equipped with a slide, sprinklers, games with balls or inflatable figures,... So for every child an ideal pool that can play to its imagination.

Intex filters
Intex alsa has an extensive range of filters. We have filter pumps with cartridges and sand filters in the range. Each pool also comes with a filter pump. For the smaller pools , this will be always be a filter pump with cartridge H, A or B. For the larger pools, such as the Ultra XTR frame pools, a sand filter is included as standard.

Intex also has their own heating options. We have the solar panel in our product range. This allows you to warm up your pool a few degrees by means of solar energy in an energy efficient way. Then there are eh heatpumps:

The Hotsplash for smaller pools up to 10 m³ of water an the Sun Spring for slightly larger pools.
The Sun Springs are further subdivided inta a 5kW, 7kW 10kW and 14kW. The Sun Spring 5jW heats pools up to 12m³, the Sun Spring  14kW can heat pools up to 45m¨³

Cleaning the Intex Swimming Pool
Intex has also thought of everything when it comes to cleaning the pool. Our product range includes brushes, nets and sticks to clean your ppool manually. For those who find this too cumbersome, there are also rechargeable hoovers or vaccum trolleys.
The rechargeable hoover works on batteries but is still a manual hoover, it is faster to remove dirt from the ground than brushes and nets.
The hoover carts are driven by the filter pump. They do the work for you.
 However, even if you use a hoover trolley, a net always comes in handy for the surface dirt.

You can also find a variety of other procucts in the Intex product range. There are safety laddersj which can be raised to prevent children from entering the pool, various types of underwater and floating lights, covers and ground covers, fountains...

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