Intex pool with sunshade

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Intex pool with sunshade

Wide choice of colourful and playful models

We are sorry that we are no longer babies ourselves, because the baby pools are very cute and beautiful. Cool off in the mushroom pool, play tough in the captain's pool, having fun in the penguin pool or play a princess in your very own castle? With the pools with a sunshade, it's all possible. Your little one's fantasies can run free in the wonderful baby pools. 

Protection against the sun
Protection against the sun is very important. The sunshade attached to the pool protects your child from the sun. However, the sunshade does not protect your child completely from the wind and from playing in the sun. Therefore, it's still important to wear protective clothing (T-shirt, headgear) and suncream. The sun is fun, but it can also be dangerous, so protection never hurts. Protect yourself before it's too late!