Intex pool without sunshade

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Intex pool without sunshade

Intex swimming pool without a sunshade

Refreshment everywhere

Intex baby pools are small in size and always have an inflatable rim. That makes them easy to take anywhere. Whether you want to enjoy some refreshment with your baby or toddler in your own garden, on holiday, while visiting grandma, at another family member's house... your child will find the refreshment he or she needs on a hot summer day. 

Our baby pools are made with bright colours, which will appeal to small children as they splash around. The pools are ideal in size for babies to enjoy.

There's no sunshade attached to these models, so your baby can enjoy the warm rays of the sun on his or her body. Be extra careful with skin burns. We reommend that you apply plenty of sun cream to your baby or toddler and avoid direct sun between 11 am and 3 pm. Wearing a sun hat is not an unnecessary luxury if you want to prevent sunburn.