Children pool

Children pool

Kid's pool

Children and water fun = a good combination!

Most children love water fun or are even real water rats. As soon as children see the sun and it starts to get a bit warmer, they can be very impatient to set up the pool and take a dive in it. With a children's pool or pool accessories as a gift for a child, you can certainly score good points. Even at a summer birthday party, a children's pool can come in handy. 

Wide range
For a wide choice in children's pools, Stesha Wellness is always the right address. Every child is bound to find the pool of his or her dreams. This may range from an ordinary colourful round or rectangular pool to one of our super fun and challenging play centres. Among the round or rectangular shapes, you can also find some models with an attached sunshade. This offers your child(ren) partial protection from the sun. Here too, you should continue to provide your child with sufficient sun cream. 

Check out our complete range of children's pools here on our webshop or feel free to visit our shop in Houthulst.