Rectangular Intex pool

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Rectangular Intex pool

Protection against the sun
The sun is very nice and warm. It makes people happier, the days are longer in the summer and a person wants to enjoy the sun as much as possible. 
However, we should also be aware of the fact that we should approach the enjoyment of the sun wisely and think about the damage it can do. 
We have thought of this too! A swimming pool with sunscreen is available from us online or at our collection point in Houthulst. 

Wide choice of appearance and model of the pool
Because of our wide range of rectangular pools, there is a lot of choice in children's pools. You can choose a brightly coloured pool (choice between blue, green and tangerine colour) or a pool with a Cars print, a tropical print, a sea view print or an aquarium pool. We know, with so much to choose from, choosing a summer pool can be a tough choice, but you won't regret it! 

Bringing holidays to you
Going on holiday and enjoying the pool and beautiful weather is great. 
But circumstances can make it impossible to go on holiday. 
Don't worry, the weather in Belgium can be lovely too and for a small price you can install a small pool in your garden. That way, the children and the entire family can also have a holiday feeling without having to go really far away on holiday. 

Water fun for the whole family
Among the rectangular pools, there is also the choice of family pools. So you can enjoy the pool with the whole family. There are swimming centres with benches or without. The benches provide extra comfort in the pool. As a customer, you have the choice of different family pools. The swimming centre family pool cabana offes, in addition to a bench seat, a fountain. The fountain provides additional enjoyment of the water.