Round Intex pool

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Stars set swimming pool 122 cm x 25 cm

Swimming pool with two tyres, a beach ball and a swimming ring printed with large and small coloured..

€8.60 Ex Tax: €7.11

Sunset Glow pool 114 cm x 25 cm

The Sunset glow pools from Intex are available in different sizes for children and babies.Consists o..

€9.60 Ex Tax: €7.93

Fish pool set 132 cm x 28 cm

3 In 1 pool set: pool, swimming ring and beach ball.The pool consists of three air tyres for sturdin..

€10.70 Ex Tax: €8.84

Unicorn sunshade baby swimming pool 127 cm x 102 cm x 69 cm

Beautiful white pool with sun protection in rainbow colours, children love colours.Dimensions: 127 c..

€17.60 Ex Tax: €14.55

Sea animals pool 168 cm x 41 cm

Fun inflatable pool with colourful sea animal print.Outdoor toy for children from Intex.Size: 168 cm..

€10.80 Ex Tax: €8.93

Cristal blue swimming pool medium 147 cm x 33 cm

Children's pool in matt blue with three comfortable pneumatic tyres.Due to its smaller capacity, thi..

€11.10 Ex Tax: €9.17

Sunset Glow swimming pool medium diameter 147 cm x 33 cm

Swimming pool for children, this model is available in different sizes.Consists of a soft air-filled..

€12.30 Ex Tax: €10.17

Cristal blue swimming pool large 168 cm x 38 cm

Children's pool in matt blue with three comfortable pneumatic tyres.Due to its smaller capacity, thi..

€12.90 Ex Tax: €10.66

Three rings swimming pool Winnie the Pooh 147 cm x 33 cm

Children love Disney, including Winnie the Pooh, so playing in a Winnie the Pooh pool is even more f..

€14.00 Ex Tax: €11.57

Whale shadow swimming pool 211 cm x 185 cm x 109 cm

Toddlers love to play in the water, especially when the pool is so nicely finished.Dimensions: 211 c..

€15.70 Ex Tax: €12.98

Sunset Glow pool large 168 cm x 46 cm

Four rings children's pool in different tyre colours: pink, yellow, orange and green. Easy to inflat..

€15.70 Ex Tax: €12.98

Soft wall pool 188 cm x 46 cm

Swimming pool for children with three air chambers and a unique sidewall solid construction.Size: 18..

€17.50 Ex Tax: €14.46

My sea friends pool Intex 163 cm x 107 cm x 46 cm

My Seafriends pool by Intex is a children's pool with three transparent blue rings as a rim, so you ..

€21.00 Ex Tax: €17.36

Summer colours 185 cm x 180 cm x 53 cm

Children's swimming pool pentagonal with transparent sides in which four intermediate colours are in..

€33.00 Ex Tax: €27.27

Wishing well swimming pool 279 cm x 36 cm

The Wishing Well pool is provided with a smaller and higher pool in the middle, surrounded by a larg..

€37.70 €35.82 Ex Tax: €29.60

Intex Easy set pool Cars 183 cm x 51 cm

This Cars pool by Intex is easy to set up by inflating the air tyre and then the walls of the pool s..

€35.90 Ex Tax: €29.67

Mermaid family salon pool 224 cm x 216 cm x 76 cm

This blue transparent Intex family lounge pool features a wide backrest, two drink bottle holders an..

€51.00 Ex Tax: €42.15

Round Intex pool

Whirlpools for the children
In a round pool it is great to swim around and around. The harder and faster you swim around in the pool, the faster a whirlpool will appear! This is something that many people did as children. Research into pool activities also shows that 'making whirlpools in the pool' is one of the favourite water games. With a round pool, making whirlpools is child's play!

Stars, flowers, fish,... A wide choice of round pools!
Feel like a fish in the water
among the other fish in the fish pool set, in the aquarium pool or in the ocean reef pool.
Does your child prefer to spend time with his or her favourite Disney characters? Then choose the Cars pool, the Hello Kitty pool or the Winnie the Pooh pool.
In addition to the printed pools, there is also a wide choice of round pools in solid colours, with different summer colours,... Take a look at our wide range and make your choice!
Water fun guaranteed.

Choose the size, strenght and shape
Because of our wide range of round swimming pools. There is a lot of choice for the customer. You choose what your pool looks like. There are different heights and sizes. Many different colours. There are round pools, shape pools, like the shark pool with cover. The shark pool cover provides shade which is a great advantage for the child. Besides the shaded pool, there are open pools, without covers. In this way you can enjoy the sun to the full. The construction of the pool determines the strenght of the pool. In our wide range of children's round pools, there is also the wishing well pool with fontains. The fountains provide extra water fun.