Round Intex pool

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Round Intex pool

Whirlpools for children
In a round pool it's great to swim around an around in the pool. The harder and faster you swim around the pool, the faster a whirlpool will appear! This is something that many people did as children. Research into pool activities also shows that 'making whirlpools in the pool' is one of the favourite water games. With a round pool, making whirlpools is child's play! 

Stars, flowers, fish... a wide choice of round pools! 
Feel like a fish in the water among the other fish in the fish pool set, the aquarium pool or the ocean reef pool. 
Does your child prefer to spend time with his or her favourite Disney characters? Then choose the Cars pool, the Hello Kitty pool or the Winnie The Pooh pool. 
In addition to the printed pools, there is also a wide selection of round pools in solid colours, with different summer colours... Check out our wide range and make your choice! Water fun is guaranteed. 
Choose the size, strength and shape
Because of our wide range of round swimming pools, there is a lot of choice for the customer. You choose what your pool looks like. There are different heights and sizes. Many different colours. There are round pools, shape pools, like the shark pool with cover. The shark pool cover provides shade which is a great advantage for the child. Besides the shaded pool, there are open pools, without covers. In this way, you can enjoy the sun. The construction of the pool determines the strength of the pool. 
In our wide range of children's round pools, there is also the wishing well pool with fountains. The fountains provide extra water fun.