Sun sail Intex

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Sun sail Intex

Sunsail Intex 


A solar cover also known as a summer cover has several advantages for your pool.

- Keeps the heat in your pool water 
By placing a solar cover on your water, the temperature is not unnecessarily lost. The cover makes a close contact with the water, so the heat cannot easily escape and stays in the pool water. 

- Heats your pool water
The colour of the solar cover (dark blue) and the material from which it's made ensure that the sun is attracted. The sun's heat is absorbed and stored in the studs of the sail and gradually released to the water. 
This allows you to obtain an increase in the temperature of your water to rise by up to 5°C. So this is a possibility to heat your water for free. 

- Keeps dirt out of the water
The cover can also keep dirt, such as leaves from the trees and insects, out of your pool. So you have less work to keep your pool clean and you save time.

- Holds on to the water
The cover can, as it were, suck itself to the surface of the water, because of the studs. What is the advantage of this? When there is a strong wind, the cover stays in place more easily and the chance of it being blown away is much smaller than with a closed cover. 

Intex sunscreens are designed specifically for Intex pools and fit most pool models. They are available in round and rectangular versions. 

When using a solar cover, make sure the cover is placed with the studs on the water, otherwise the heating and insulating effect will be lost. 

Roller system
To make it easy to put the cover on or take it off, Intex has produced a roller system. It can be installed on all square or rectangular pools from 274 cm to 488 cm wide. 

Intex Pool Canopy

The Intex pool cover allows you to protect yourself from the sun while swimming. The cover is made of durable UV-protective material. It's easy to set up by attaching it to the structure of your pool. This canopy can be used with all rectangular prism frame pools, all oval prism frame pools and all rectangular XTR pools (except 975 cm x 488 cm x 132 cm.) You can always enjoy shade in your pool on hot summer days.