Sun sail Intex

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Sun sail Intex

Keep the heat in the pool water with a cover

By placing a cover on the pool, the temperature is not unnecessarily lost. The cover lies on the water and this ensures that the wonderful temperature of the pool water stays in the water. 

Warm up your pool water with a cover

The colour (dark blue) and the material of the cover attracts the sun. Especially a solar cover or also called bubble cover, absorbs the warmth of the sun and tranfers it to the pool water. In the sail there are all kinds of studs, the heat is stored in them and the water floats between the studs. Because the bubble wrap transmits the sun's heat to the water, the tempereature can rise up to 5°C.


A solar cover keeps dirt and leaves out of the pool and heats up the pool water at the same time. The cover floats on the water, so it can't sink into the water. Intex sunscreens are made specifically for Intex pools and fit most pool models. Both round and rectangular sails are available.