Intex spa accessories

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Underwater Starship for spa or swimming pool

Lighting for floating in your pool works on 3 AAA batteries, gives off brilliant colours in your poo..

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Intex spa accessories

Create a complete relaxation experience
The Intex inflatable spa comes with a variety of gadgets to complete the relaxation experience. Think of an inflatable bench to attach right next to the spa, a headrest, a seat, a rack to hold your towel and drink, and underwater lighting to brighten up your spa. 
Also underwater lighting to brighten up your spa. 

Never put chemicals directly in the water
Products such as chlorine and pH should never be placed directly into the water. 
If you do, the product will immediately sink to the bottom and create white spots. 
Liquid products, however, you may add directly to the water, as they mix immediately with the water. 
Because you may not throw the products directly into the water, you must use a chlorine doser or, in the case of fixed spas, you must place the tablets in the filter housing.