Intex spa accessories

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Multifunctional rechargeable LED lamp

Built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery.Optical design with 10 x zoom lens.360 degree beacon.USB c..

€22.95 €11.48 Ex Tax: €9.48

Floating LED ball lightening

Pool or spa lighting with 4 different colours, white, blue, turquoise or purple.Choice of stand alon..

€7.80 Ex Tax: €6.45

Floating LED cube lightening

Pool or spa lighting with 4 different colours, white, blue, turquoise or purple.Choice of stand alon..

€7.80 Ex Tax: €6.45

Underwater Starship for spa or swimming pool

Lighting for floating in your pool works on 3 AAA batteries, gives off brilliant colours in your poo..

€15.10 Ex Tax: €12.48

Intex spa accessories

Create a complete relaxation experience
The Intex inflatable spa comes with a variety of gadgets to complete the relaxation experience. Think of an inflatable bench to attach right next to the spa, a headrest, a seat, a rack to hold your towel and drink, and inderwater lighting to brighten up your spa.

Never put chemicals directly in the water
Products such as chlorine and pH should never be placed directly into the water.
If you do, the product will immediately sink to the bottom and create white spots.
Liquid products, however, you may add directly to the water, as they mix immediately with the water.
Because you may not throw the products directly into the water, you should use a chlorine doser or, in the case of fixed spas, you should place the tablets in the filter housing.

There are different types of lighting for your spa. For example, for Intex inflatable spas we have the lights for PureSpa which are attached to the water inlet. We have one type that only fits the bubble PureSpa and one for the jet and bubble PureSpa.
We also have the floating lights. These can be used on a fixed or inflatable spa. So we have the ball and cube of Intex, as well as the starship underwater lighting, which can turn your spa into a true disco.

Enjoy your spa
Enjoy your spa session even more with the Intex cup holder or tray. If you feel like having a snack and a drink while sitting in your spa, you can easily set it up with a cup holder or the LED tray. The LED tray is also designed in such a way that you can watch your favourite series with your tablet.
Not so comfortable? Is the water a bit too high for your? Then you can use the easy seat of Intex. You don't have to bend your neck backwards to get out of the water.
If you prefer more support for your head. The inflatable headrest is easy to place on the edge of the spa. If you want to sit in a different place, you can easily move it.

Saving energy
A spa does require some energy to heat up. The colder it gets outside, the more energy will be needed. The energy-saving cover, which is made of high-density, heat-resistant foam, provides extra insulation and minimises heat loss. It also greatly reduces the chance of the spa leaking.
Attention: this energy saving cover can only be used for all round PureSpa models of 4 persons.