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Intex spa

Enjoying the roof terrace with an inflatable jacuzzi
An inflatable jacuzzi is ideal for placing on your roof terrace to enjoy. This is in contrast to a 'large' jacuzzi, which makes a big difference in weight.
Besides weight,, the size of the spa also plays an important role.
An inflatable spa is in most cases  smaller than a fixed jacuzzi.

Different spas
In the inflatable spas of Intex there is a choice:

  • The first type is the PureSpa with bubbles. The bubbles come from the bottom of the spa to the top. This way you can feel the bubbles gliding over your body, which is a very relaxing feeling.
  • The second type is a combination of the bubbles and jets. So you can enjoy both relaxing facets.

The Intex spas are very easy to set up.
First, lay the ground sheet nicely open in the place where you want to place the spa. Then place the shell on the groundsheet and inflate with the spa pump. Then, inflate the air pocket of the cover using the pump. Next, connect the inlet and outlet. Mount your filter cover and insert a filter, type S1. Your spa is ready to fill. Once the spa is filled, you can switch on the filtering and the heating. This is done very easily on the control panel. Make sure you also set your desired temperature.

If you want to keep your water clean, it is best to let the filter pump of your spa circulate continuously. In stagnant water, bacteria and algae have a bigger chance to grow. To kill these bacteria and algae, it is important that you have the necessary amount of chlorine or salt in your water. Salt can only be used in the spas with jet and bubbles, because the salt system is provided there.
It is very important that the chlorine level is always at the right level. You can easily check this by using test strips. When the chlorine level is too low, it is best to add fast-acting chlorine to increase the value. When the chlorine level is too high, you should remove your chlorine tablet from your spa and open your spa to let the chlorine evaporate.

In addition to chlorine, the pH level of your water is very important. This value indicates the acidity of your water. An ideal pH is between 7,0 and 7,4. (pH neutral) If your pH-value is too low, your water is too acidic and you should add pH increaser. If it is too high, your water is alkaline and you need to add pH reducer to your water.

If you maintain these values at all times and let the filter pump circulate, you can easily keep your water clear.

Change filter on time
The filter in your Intex inflatable spa should definitely be replaced on a regular basis. It is recommended that you change it every week. This will prevent your filter from becoming too dirty. When it is too dirty, the pump will no longer be able to work optimally and will stop circulating. You will then also receive an error message on your control panel (E90). The filter required for these spas in the Intex filter type S1. If you use another filter, your spa will no longer function.