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Walk around carefree with a kilt on your torso
A kilt is a must-have for anyone who goes to the spa often. Thanks to the Velcro or press stud fastening, you no longer have to wrestle with an ordinary towel. A kilt is also very convenient at home, when you come out the shower. The kilt makes it easy to walk around the house, shave your legs or treat your hair. Who thought that a kilt is only for women is wrong. We also have a kilt for men. Of course it is shorter than the kilt for women, but it is made of the same soft and warm material.

All kinds of sizes and colours
When choosing a kilt, there is a wide choice of materials and colours. Because of our wide choice there is something for everyone and you can choose the perfect kilt for you. 
Easily order online and have the kilt delivered to your home or visit our shop in Houthulst!