Kilt sauna

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Kilt sauna

Walk around carefree with a kilt on your torso
A kilt is a must-have for anyone who goes to the spa often. Thanks to the Velcro or press stud fastening, you no longer have to wrestle with an ordinary towel. Akilt is also very convenient at hom, when you come out of the shower. The kilt makes it easy to walk around the house, shave your legs or treat your hair. A kilt is not only for ladies. There is also a kilt for men. These are obviously shorter than those worn by women. We have kilts in different colours and different fabrics. We have the Eden kilt that is made of 80% cotton an 20% linen and velour, the regular sauna kilt of 100% cotton, the sauna kilt reindeer for men of 70 % linen en 30% cotton and the sauna kilt Teddy plush that is made of 100% polyester.

Order quickly and easily
Order your kilt quickly an easily online via our web shop or visit us in our shop in Houthulst. This way you can try the kilt on for yourself.