Pool liner
We have the perfect liner for your pool. A pool liner is the ideal way to seal of your pool. The pool liner determines the appearance of your pool. On this page you will find the liners that you can choose from and all that you need to install them yourself if necessary. Would you rather have it installed by our experts? Please contact us at

What's a liner?
A pool liner is made to measure for your pool and the pool cover (=liner) provides protection for your pool. There are many different colours, patterns and thicknesses.
The thicker the liner, the more durable and stronger the pool liner is.

Installation of the pool liner
If you are a handyman, you can choose to install the liner yourself or you can call on our experienced technicians who come to install your pool liner for you. In addition to fitting the pool liner, we can also take care of the installatin of the pool from A to Z. 

Protection of the pool liner
The liners that we, at Stesha Wellness offer, are treated with a special lacquer layer that protects them against scratches, stains, bacteria and UV rays, in order to prevent signs of premature ageing. 

The different Alkorplan liners
As you can see, we have different liners of Alkorplan, each with their specific properties and characteristics. 
Let me briefly explain the differences between the Alkorplan liners: 
1. Alkorplan Xtreme: This liner makes the difference in resistance. Swimming in an Alkorplan Xtreme pool is like swimming in a new pool every day! Alkorplan Xtreme has an extremely dense protective shield that covers the entire surface, both front and back. It can't be penetrated by chamical agents or bacteria. 
2. Alkorplan Touch: Reinforced liner with exclusive 3D designs and prints, inspired by the nature! You can transform your home into a heaven of design and character. Alkorplan Touch is the first liner with reinforced membrane in a stone look. 
3. Alkorplan Ceramics: A pool liner with the aesthetics of ancient Greek temples and all the benefits of a reinforced membrane: guaranteed watertightness of 10 years, ease and speed of installation and great support. 
4. Alkorplan 3000: treated with a special lacquer coating that protects them from scratches, spots, bacteria and UV attack, to prevent signs of premature aging. 
5. Alkorplan 2000: Reinforced membrances are the most sought after pool liners in the world. Their attractive appearance, correct price, quick and easy installation and absolute watertightness, with 10 warranty, has made this membrane the most used pool waterproofing system in the world. 

Pond liners
Pond liners have becoma an increasingly important part of the pool business. They also serve the ALKOR quality! The pool liner is thicker and available in 3 different colors. We recommend it for more modern "design" swimming ponds. The pure pond liner is only 1.35 mm thick without reinforcement and only available in black. This product is ideal for freeform swimming ponds.