Menthol crystals

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Menthol crystals

What are methol crystals?
Menthol is a hard constituent in mint and is what gives the peppermint smell and taste.
The menthol crystals are abtained by freezing mint essentials oil to -30°C, which crystallises the menthol and allows it to be extracted from the essential oil. The menthol crystals have various purposes, such as with a cold, in the sauna, in food, cosmetics, ... We will take a closer look at the use in the sauna.

Working of menthol crystals
Menthol has a pleasant cooling and calming effect on the skin. It purifies the air, increases attention, concentration an eases breathing. Menthol is also increasingly used in hygiene products for its disinfectant property.
Menthol crystals have a positive effect during studies, meditation, in work groups, with colds, flu, ... For asthma patients menthol crystals can be a real relief.

Use of menthol crystals
Menthol crystals provide a refreshing and cooling effect in the sauna.
Use only a few pieces of crystal. Because menthol vapour can theoretically cause a fire hazard.
You can apply a small quantity of menthol crystals in an ointment to stimulate the circulation. You can also add menthol as an alcoholic solution to itch-relieving creams.

In the sauna, menthol crystals can be used in various ways:

  • Without water: Apply a very small number of menthol crystals directly and purely to the hot sauna stones. Depending on the size of the sauna, this should not be more than 2 to 5 crystals. Make sure that the crystals remain on the stones and do not fall through to the heating rods. Choose sauna stones that are as flat as possible and be careful when placint the crystals, so that you don't burn your fingers.
  • With water: Put some menthol crystals in the sauna bucket and pour water over them. Then carefully pour the water onto the sauna stones. If any crystals remain and end up on the stones, make sure they do not fall onto the heating rods.
  • With ice: Buy a bag of crushed ice that you keep in the freezer. Before the sauna session, form a snowball out of the ice and equip it with 2-3 menthol crystals. Then place the snowball on the hot stones during the sauna. Apart from the wellness factor, this procedure also has a show effect for your sauna guests. In winter, if there is one, you can of course do the whole thing with a handful of snow from the garden.

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