Pool soap

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Pool soap

Time for me-time!
We live in a society where there is always a big rush. We make time for our friends, for work, family... but when for ourselves?
Making time for yourself is important. Go and excuse, enjoy the weather, ... or take a bath! 
For those few times that you take a bath, you have to enjoy it fully! 
Add some extras to your bath water and imagine yourself in a real wellness atmosphere. 

Pamper your largest organ, the skin.
It's important not to forget to pamper your body's largest organ, the skin. Adding bath soap to your bath will maintain your skin's natural moisture balance and make your hair wonderfully soft.

Order quick and easy
Order your desired bath soap quickly and easily online at our webshop and have it delivered to your home a few days later or visit our store in Houthulst. We will gladly help you.