Add value to your home

A built-in pool is an investment, but it adds great value to your home. The real estate value of your home increases up to 20%. For the eventual sale or move, this is an absolute plus!

Sport and relax at home

With a built-in pool at your home, you can relax or swim laps. You no longer have to go to the public pool to cool off with the kids on a lovely summer day, to relax or to take your weekly laps! With a pool, you bring the comfort and well-being to your home, because moreover many happy moments happen at the pool! 
Also, your pool is the ideal place to get together with friends and family. The pool is much more appealing than computer games and everyone can spend time in and around the pool, the ideal time to strengthen family an friendship bonds. 

Wide range of children's pools
With us, Stesha Wellness, you will find a wide range of pools! In each sub category, you have another wide choice. This ranges from built-in swimming pools, built-up swimming pools, products for your pool to lighting, liners, filter pumps, ladder... You can find our wide range on our webshop or feel free to drop by at our pick-up point in Houthulst.
For a beautiful finish to your built-in pool, you can use edging stones.

More than just swimming pools
In addition to all fittings and pool parts, you can come to us, stesha wellness, for all the accessories ant maintenance products you need for the pool. Such as chemicals of the quality brand Bayrol, trendy thermometers of Kerlis and quality pool robots. 
Thanks to our years of experience and numerous courses, we are always up to date with the latest gadgets and techniques for the installation and maintenance of your pools. We will gladly help you with our expert advice to maintain an excellent water quality o fyour pool, so you can enjoy it even more.

Come visit us in our pick-up point or order in our online shop
Order safely and easily through our webshop and receive your order a few days at home, at work or wherever you want. Do you prefer 'real' shopping? Come along to our pick-up point in Houthulst, we will be happy to help you!


Make sure your children can swim safely

First of all, it is important that your water is nice and clear. That is why it is immportant to test the water weekly with one of our water testers.

Is it a bit cold outside but the children still want to swim? No problem, but make sure you can heat the pool to the temperature you want with one of our heat pumps.

Is the smallest of the family also eager to go swimming, but not yet able to? The Safety Turtle alarm system ensures that if small children should fall into the water, an alarm will sound so that no accidents can happen.