Fitting parts for your built-in pool 
A pool in the garden is beautiful and relaxing, but a pool with only water will not stay optimal. Pool water must be maintained with chemicals such as chlorine and pH. In addition, there are also injectors, skimmers, vacuum cleaner connection, vacuum bottom drain, underwater lighting .. that help create the built-in pool of your dreams! 

The way of pool water
Everyone likes clean pool water. To get clear pool water, you need to add chemicals to your pool water and it needs to be filtered. The pool water goes via the skimmers to the filters, after which it is injected back into the pool via the injectors. To get the water back into the pool, injectors must be used. 
For an optimal circulation of the pool water, the injectors are best installed on the other side of the skimmers. This will make the pool water go through the skimmers faster. 

Vacuum cleaner connection Flexinox
A built-in vacuum cleaner connection is very handy if you want to maintain your pool by manual vacuuming. The hoover flexible tube is connected to the hoover connection. In combination with the filter installation in your garden house, you can vacuum the pool manually. The water then goes through the vacuum cleaner flexible tube to the filter, where the water is filtered and the clean pool water then goes back into the pool through the injectors. This way you don't need al lot of equipment to vacuum your beautiful built-in pool and in no time you can enjoy a clean pool in your backyard. 

What is a skimmer?
A skimmer is placed in the wall of your built-in pool and the pool water flows through the skimmer. The injectors of a swimming pool are always placed opposite the skimmer (in the opposite wall), through which the water and e.g. leaves that are in the water move to the skimmers. This causes a lot of dirt and unwanted organisms like flies to end up in the skimmer basket. 
The pool water always goed through the skimmer towards the filtration pump. Because the pool water first goes through the skimmer and therefore also through the skimmer basket, a lot of dirt stays behind in the skimmer basket. It's important that the basket is emptied on time in order to optimise the flow of the water. 

Types fo skimmers 
Depending on how much water you have in your pool and if you have a liner pool or a concrete pool, you choose your skimmer. 
Skimmers with a wide mouth are great for pools with lots of water. The wider the mouth of your skimmer, the more pool water will pass through it. 
Your skimmer also depends on if your pool is lined or concrete. A liner pool has an extra cover panel and an extra seal. 

Hw many skimmer do I need? 
The number of skimmers depends on the size of your pool. The more skimmers, the better for your water quality. Do you have doubts about the number of skimmers? No problem, we are happy to help you with our expert advice! 

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