Natural swimming pools built-in parts

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Natural swimming pools built-in parts

Fitting parts for your built-in pool
A pool in the garden is beautiful and relaxing, but a pool with only water will not remain optimal. With a natural pool, there are nozzles, skimmers, vacuum cleaner connection, vacuum bottom drain, underwater lighting... that help create the built-in pool of your dreams!

Black liner in natural pools
In contrast to the world of chlorine pools, the black liner in natural pools is still a common colour, and we like to use the corresponding coloured built-in parts. Here, you will find the matching black liner fittings for natural and hybrid pools.

The way of pool water
Everyone likes clean pool water.To get clear pool water, you have to add chemicals to your pool water and it has to be filtered. The water from the pool goes through the skimmers to the filters, after which it's injected back into the pool through the injectors. To get the water back into the pool, injectors must be used. For an optimal circulation of the pool water, the injectors are best installed on the other side of skimmers. This will make the pool water go through the skimmers faster. 

Vacuum bottom drain swimming pool
Located in the deepest part of the pool, the vacuum bottom drain collects the coldest water at the bottom of the pool and mixes it with the surface water to ensure an even temperature and optimal distribution of pool chemicals. Bottom drains are also used to empty the pool. 

Vacuum cleaner connection
Een ingebouwde stofzuigeraansluiting is heel handig als je je zwembad mooi wil onderhouden door manueel stofzuigen. De stofzuiger flexibele buis wordt op de stofzuigeraansluiting aangesloten. In combinatie met de filterinstallatie in uw tuinhuis kan je het zwembad manueel stofzuigen. Het water gaat dan via de stofzuiger flexibele buis naar de filter, waar het water gefilterd wordt en het propere zwembadwater gaat dan via de inspuiters terug in het zwembad. Zo heb je niet veel materiaal nodig om jouw prachtig ingebouwd zwembad te stofzuigen en kan je in een mum van tijd terug genieten van een net zwembad in jouw achtertuin.

Wat is een skimmer?
A skimmer is placed in the wall of your built-in pool and through the skimmer the water goes. 
The injectors of a swimming pool are always placed on the opposite wall of the skimmer, this way, the water and for instance leaves that are in the water move to the skimmer. This causes a lot of dirt and unwanted organisms like flies to end up in the skimmer basket. 
The pool water always goes through the skimmer towards the filtration pump. 
Because the pool water first goes through the skimmer and therefore also through the skimmer basket, a lot of dirt stays behind in the skimmer basket. It's important that the basket is emptied in time, in order to optimise the flow of the water. 
Types of skimmers
Depending on hwo much water you have in your pool and if you have a pool with liner or a concrete pool, you choose your skimmer. 
Skimmers with a wide mouth are great for pools with a lot af water. The wider the mouth of your skimmer, the more pool water will pass through it. 
Your skimmer als depends on if your pool is lined or concrete. A liner pool has an extra cover panel and an extra seal. 
How many skimmers do I need?
The number of skimmers depends on the size of your pool. The more skimmers, the better for your water quality. Do you have doubts about the number of skimmers? No problem, we are happy to help you with our expert advice!

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