Built-in pool

Built-in pool


Add a value to your house

A built-in pool is an investment, but it gives a big added value to your house. The real-estate of your house could increase up to 20%. This is an absolutely plus for the sale or move of your house! 

Sport or relax at home

With a built-in pool at your home, you can relax or take some swim laps. This means you no longer have to go to the public swimming pool to cool off with the children on a wonderful summer day, to relax or te swim you weekly laps. With a pool you bring the comfort and well-being to your own house, because there are a lot of happy moments at the pool! Also is your pool the ideal place to come together with friends and family. The pool is much more attractive than computer games and everyone can stay or either be around the pool, it is the ideal moment to strengthen you family or friend relationships. 

Built-in pool in concrete or blokkit system? 
There are different kinds of built-in pool, but it's not proved that concrete pools have a longer durability than other systems. A pool in concrete is harder to do it by yourself than a blokkit system. The blokkit system is ideal for the do-it-yourselfer. A great, not to be underestimated adavantage of the blokkit system, is that it has a very good insulating effect, which is very useful with our climate. 

For both systems you're at the corrrect address. For more information, we would like to help you via mail: info@stesha-wellness.com, phone: +3251/702293 or visit us in our local store in Houthulst.