Blokkit system

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Blokkit system

Add a value to your home
A built-in pool is an investment, but it adds a great value to your house. The property value of your hose will increase up to 20%. For the eventual sale or move, this is an absolute plus!

Sport en relax at home
With a built-in pool at home you can relax and swim laps. You no longer have to go to the public swimming pool to cool off with the children on a lovely summer's day, to relax or to swim your weekly laps! With a swimming pool you bring comfort and well-being into your home, because many happy momnets happen at the pool! 
Your pool is also the ideal place to get together with friends and family. The pool is much more attractive than computer games and everyone can spend time in and around the pool, the ideal time to strengthen family en friendships. 

Built-in swimming pool in concrete or blokkit system?
There are different types of built-in pools, but it has been proven that concrete pools have a longer durability than other systems. A swimming pool in concrete is more diffucult to do it by yourself than a blokkit system. The blokkit system is ideal for the do-it-by-yourselfer. A big advantage of the blokkit system that should not be underestimated is that it has a very good insulating effect, which with ou climate, comes in very handy. 
For both systems you have come to the right place. For more information, we are happy to help you further via e-mail, telephone 051/702293 or visit our shop in Houthulst.