Natural stone grey

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Natural stone grey

Edge stone natural grey
Compact diorite with a medium grey base colour and black mineral concentrations. The stone has a fine granulometry (grain size distribution) without visible pores. 

Kerbstones complete your pool
Make your built-in pool even more beautiful with a nice edge stone. According to your own preference you choose the perfect border stone for your pool. This valuable investment offers you years of pleasure and comfort in and around the pool. 

Choose extra stability next to the pool
The rough sanded surface of the coping stone ensures that you and your children stand firmly beside the pool and do not slip easily. However, never leave a child who cannot swim beside the pool and be sure to install an alarm. The alarm system can also be found in our shop. The nice round finish of the border stones gives the pool a nice elegant look. The angular finish of the coping stones gives the pool a stylish, design look. The coping stones are made in such a way that you can use a coping stone of your choice with any kind of pool. 

Stesha Wellness.. shop from your couch or visit our shop! 
About ten years ago, Stesha Wellness was founded as an online shop. Due to the positive growth of the company, we decided to add a shop to it, so that the client can also come and do his 'real' shopping. That's why, from now on, it's possible to come and shop both online and in our shop in Houthulst. If you don't have much time to come and shop, but you still want to pick up the product yourself, this is no problem! Through the webshop you can order a product and already pay for it, we will put it ready for you and send you a confirmation mail.