Filter cartridge

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Filter cartridge

Cartridge filter
A cartridge filter is easy to install and does not take up much space. A cartridge filter is also called a pattern filter and works with a filter pattern. The pool water goed through the filter cartridge and so the water is filtered. A filter cartridge is easy to replace and is low in price. When you buy a cartridge filter, all the accessories you need, like water hoses, are included in one package. 
A filter cartridge is mainly used in Intex swimming pools. 

Maintenance of a cartridge filter
The neater the filter, the better the pool water can be filtered. 
It's recommended to clean a filter cartridge regularly with a cleaner for filter cartridges. With the nozzle cleaner, you can already remove a lot of dirt from the filter. 
Ofcourse you can't keep rinsing the cartridge and it's recommended to replace the filter on a regular basis. 
How many times you have to clean and replace the filter of your swimming pool is hard to say. It depends on several factors, such as how often you swim, is there a tree in the neighbourhood, how is the water maintained, ... Ofcourse, the filter may not look completely green or brown. Then the filter has little effect on the cleaning of your pool water. 

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