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Heat echanger

Heat exhanger Bowman
Heat exhanger Bowman have been around for over 75 years in such areas as marine engines, automotive,... through all this experience together they have found a way to heat swimming pools.
Witch Bowman heat exchangers, you have a choice of copper nickel or titanium. The titanium heat exchangers are great for use with chlorine or seawater. Install the exchanger after your pump and filter. In option thermostat display possible.

2 series heat exchangers Bowman
The Bowman heat exchangers are very efficient and very reliable for heating water of swimming pools, spas and hot tubs, for both private and commercial use. 
There are 2 ranges available, one for use with a boiler and a second for use with solar collectors or a heat pump. 
The unique concept and technology of Bowman heat exchangers ensures much more efficient heat exchange, greater reliability and longer life. 

- Lifespan
Available with tubes in titanium or copper nickel.
- 10- year warranty
Titanium models come with a 10-year warranty against rust.
- Energy saving
Warms up the pool water up to 3x faster than other devices. 
- Thermostat pockets
Integral 7mm thermostat pockets (on most models) for easier installation.
- Easy Maintenance
The housing is easily detached making cleaning and maintenance very quick and easy.
- Easy installation
The popular 5113 and 5114 models have plastic connections so they can be easily connected to the rest of a pool's piping.


Advantages of the Bowman heat exchanger
- Energy saving
With more heat exchange tubes than most models from other manufacturers, the heat exchanger is much more efficient, allowing the water to be heated up to 3x faster. This in turn reduces energy costs and CO2 emissions. 
- Corrosion-resistant material
The heat exchanger is available in titanium or copper-nickel versions, so it can be used for any type of pool.
- Excellent reliability
Manufactured in England to BS EN ISO 9001-2008 standards, there are several tens of thousands of units in operation, worldwide. 
- New hot tub model
The new super compact model 5113-1 delivers up to 25kW of heat exchange! Ideal for hot tubs, spas and small pools up to 50m³.

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