Summer covering sheet

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Summer cover blue 400

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Summer cover Apollo Geobubble

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Sail summer cover Sol + Guard Geobubble

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Sail summer cover New energyguard geobubble anti-algae

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Summer covering sheet

A customised summer sail
To have a custom made summer cover, you first have to choose the material from which you want the summer cover to be made. We offer a range of materials and to help you find your way aroun the various materials, we have listed the specific characteristics of each pool cover for you. 

Summer cover blue

  • Features:
  • 400 micron
  • Anti-UV treatment
  • Blue top and bottom
  • All sides have a blue hem
  • Apollo summer cover
  • 400 micron
  • Silver underside for extra thermal insulation
  • Blue top side
  • All sides have a blue hem
  • Energygueard
    * Thanks to the combination of the dark grey top and black bottom, the Engergyguard can:
  • Reduce chemical consumption by 70%
  • Cut pump and filter time in half
  • Warm up the pool by 4°C
  • Can be used as winter cover

Thanks to the innovative EnergyGuard cover, less algae will grow in your pool and you will save money, time, water and energy. The cover combines a dark grey top with a black underside, so the Energyguard offers numerous advantages to the swimming pool owner. 

  • Sol en Guard geobubble
    !!! Unique to the Sol+Guard is the double layer, formed by a translucent top combined with a tinted, permeable bottom.:
    • The temperature of your pool can increase by 8°C!
    • You can extend your pool season by 2 months!
    • The water evaporation decreases by 98%
    • Chemical consumption is reduced by 30%
    • Energy consumption is halved
    • The pool is less polluted
    • All sides have a blue border

Independent scientific studies carried out by the universities of London and Brighton have shown that a Sol+Guard cover is considerably more efficient than a traditional pool cover. So by investing in a Sol+Guard cover, you can save on your energy bill..

Why cover the pool?
A pool cover is not a major investment, but it's certainly worth it!

  • Retains the warmth of the pool water
  • Heats the pool water
  • Avoids unwanted dirt in the water
  • Safety
  • Goes against evaporation of the pool water

Keep the heat in the pool water with a cover
By placing a cover on the pool, the temperature is not unnecessarily lost. The cover lies on the water and this ensures that the wonderful temperature of the pool water stays in the water. 

Warm up your pool water with a cover
The colour (dark blue) and the material of the cover attract the sun. Especially a solar cover or also called bubble cover absorbs the warmth of the sun and transfers it to the pool water. In the sail there are all kinds of studs, the heat is stored in them and the water floats  between the studs. Because the bubble wrap transmits the sun's heat to the water, the temperature can rise up to 5°C.

Avoid leaves and other debris in the pool water
A cover keeps leaves from falling from the trees. Also other dirt, such as uts, acorns, bird droppings,... is stopped by the cover. This saves a lot of work cleaning the pool and reduces the use of your pool products.