Sun collector

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Solar panel / Solar mat Intex pool heating

This Intex solar panel is an energy efficient way to heat your above ground pool as this heat mat ca..

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Sun collector

Make the pool water as warm as you want
With a heated pool you no longer have to shiver when you enter the water. Do you like your water very warm? Then you heat the pool very high, rather not so hot? Then you can let the temperature drop to the temperature you want.
With pool heating you do not have to wait until the sun shines outside, but you can already swim in warm water.

Choose a heating system tailored to your pool
When choosing a pool heater it is always indicated what type of pool (built-in or above ground) the heater is intended for.
It also indicates the cubic capacity of the water that the heating is best suited for. It makes no sense to buy a heat pump of a small wattage because it is cheaper, on the contrary! If the heat pump has to give too much energy and has no margin, it will consume a lot and may still not obtain the desired temperature.

Heating with the sun
To heat your pool for FREE you can use solar energy. To use solar energy you can opt for the solar panel / mat Intex or the Sunny Solar solar collector. Both means, partly due to their black color easily warmed by the sun. The solar panels or solar collectors are heated by the sun, the pool water flows through the Intex mat or Sunny Solar and the water is heated. The mats or the collector are best placed at ground level and both are easy to connect.